viernes, 26 de marzo de 2010


blazer- ltd fornarina
dress- friday´s project
trousers- denny rose
shoes DIY
bag- longchamp
sunglasses- carrera vintage
lipstick- airlines from colette


At one of the main cities in the world,BARCELONA.
The city, where you can lost you in it between qickly chaotic from the people and the beautiful architecture ,shopping,working,eating and more many exciting plans.
It has been a fantastic ,I´ve been there for a week and already missing it.
I want to show you where i went out for a night.Lend me tell you
that is one of the best japnese restaurant in the world out from Japon.
Sam,his owner and also cooker,gove us the most exotic way cook from japanese food,
something like jellyfish,toro.....mmmm delicious.
I met there with two of top 10 cookers in the world,Ferrán Adrià and Juan Mari Arzak
and also with a fabolous enologist
Peter Sisseck.

perfecto jackect- so charlote....
t-shirt- friday´s project
T- cocci
leather troursers- denny rose
eagle belt- miss manuki
shoes- friday´s project acc.
purse-friday´s project acc