martes, 29 de diciembre de 2009


option 1
Don´t know,very hesitant but i think that´s my maybe look
for the brilliant night.Confort shoes,sexy dress and amazing tulle jacket.
Ups!forget it and champagne,loads of it.

jacket-hoss intropia
dress-friday´s project
leather purse-miss manuki

12 comentarios:

fadetoblack dijo...

loves the outfit.... you will look amazing!!

hope you have a great new years!:)++

Natalie dijo...

i love the beige tulle shrug, soo delicate and pretty! :)

daisychain dijo...

I love it!

Diane dijo...

this outfit is lovely! i adore the shoes :)

Michele dijo...

Really awesome outfit, that jacket rocks my world!

Colaço dijo...

Happy New Year!! love the outfit XOXO

cocorosa dijo...

Loveeee the jacket!!!! <3 <3
Have a happy new Year!!

CHEMININ dijo...

Oh I love the jacket!

thanks! Yeah we really had a good time (:


anna bu dijo...

love the dress and the shoes....very pretty darling!

annabu :)

THREE PETE dijo...

killerrrrr heels.

x x x

Sandra dijo...

i love the purse!!!!

Fabiola "Fab" dijo...

sweet outfit!