viernes, 15 de enero de 2010


Well,I´m sure that there´s a friend or a friend´s friend or a friend´s friend´s friend or family or your friend´s family or you´ve heard somebody who has a store,needs "HANGERS OF WOOD".
Hangers are normal size,not for litle child.COLOUR WOOD BIRD.
So that´s your chance!!APROX .500 EACH KIND
(UP TO END OF STOCK and transport don´t inclued) following CHEAP prices:

for troursers,dresses,skirts...-pack of 12 5€

for coats or shirts....-pack 12 6€

for blousses,t-shirt´s,jackets...-pack of 12 5€

contact-00(34) 943 420 161 BRENDA
00(34)943 420 384 NATALIA


p.s.they are fantastic and first class wood.THANK´S.

6 comentarios:

CAROLINE dijo...

oh, i need those too!

love, caroline.

Birgit dijo...

Although I'm interested I think it's will cost much more because I live in another country. Hope you'll find another buyer?

xxx Birgit

ARANXA. dijo...

those are soo good for your clothes :)
i only use those!
love your blog

ediot dijo...

good idea. i have all too much hangers now-a-days.. not a good thing at all..
i dont know where to keep them.. but when i get rid of them- im gonna be needing them again.. an endless dilemma. hope you had an great weekend darling. what did you do?

xx ediot

ediot dijo...

PS: was this the song you meant?

ediot dijo...

haha i found it by myself.. im some internetnerd you see.. haha. i do not understand too much- but i know corazon means love/dear/heart. and that EVERY spanish song has the world corazon in it.. (at least almost) haha i like corazon de melon.. i should definitely go to san sebastian- but you won't get me drinking anything else than tinto de verano. or beer.

you need to teach me some spanish first. one phrase per post. ok? my post or your post. ill do one in swedish for you.