jueves, 20 de mayo de 2010

la PERFECTO destroy

perfecto-so charlotte...
chaleco- jnco
camuflage tank- friday´s project
denim- cimarron
botines- zara
bolso- .......paris?
gafas- ray ban

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awesome pants! cimarron was one of my fave brands in europe.


!Hola Lady Rebel!

Thanks so much for being so sweet to me. Ediot is a great friend of mine! We are here together for so many years now! So, I am so glad to know you and I hope we can have a great relationship too! You re also linked at my blog.

I love your look here, crazy for denim too and I also love Spain, I have spanish classes every saturday, so if you see any mistakes at my blog, please correct me!

all my love for you,

ediot dijo...

i LOVE your tank. and im BEYOND envious of that rooftop!! - is that your house?
that is one of the things i love the most about the spain- so many rooftops to sit and drink tinto de veranos from( yes i know tonterias that too probably-) hahaha